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Affirm Yourself Today

Affirming You In Christ Is My Why!


Humbly, Reyna Joy Banks, Ceo

"It's been a dream of mine for years, that was deeply embedded into my heart, spirit and soul from CHRIST to birth this. GREETING CARDS are

tangible gifts that can help people breathe again, believe again, love again; as they choose to live another day in their purpose on purpose for Christ in His LOVE & LIGHT!"

"This is from HIM, through ME, to YOU, for THEM all across the entire world For His Glory! Amen"


New Greeting Cards

Affirm Yourself Today!

Affirm Yourself Today exists to create a Space & Place To Be Built & Not Broken, To Be Loved & Not Hated,

To Be Powerful & No longer walked over...

To Just Be All You Were Destined To Be!


With Affirm Yourself Today There is Consistent Virtual Content & Future Family retreats being created to Affirm Everyone into being their best selves without doubt, fear, worry, question or tapping into the places that brought them 

Pain vs Gain!

It's about not looking back, but looking ahead and believing in the new for all

Women, Men, Teens, Kids and Families

Across the world to own their greatness and be who they were always destined to be in the 

Now, New & Next!


Affirm Yourself Today

Is where no one gets left behind and the thought process that destroys the beauty of ones day to day lifestyle gets completely overridden by Affirmations, Love, Life, Light, Joy, Strength, Courage, Decreeing and Declaring All that has been promised and that one is called to do in order to change the world including their own.



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