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REYNA                BANKS


Reyna Joy Banks is a former celebrity dancer, thriving as a choreographer, creative director, Viral content creator, artist developer, branding/marketing Genius, Voiceover actress, CEO ("All In One Entertainment" App, "FHG Entertainment LLC", "Tru & Friends LLC", 2 LIVVV 501c3) powerful speaker, ordained Apostle, Pastor, Pure Prophet of God and successful author of the book “The 30 Day Journey To Loving the Woman In Me”. Born and raised in a strong Christian family, Reyna Joy came to understand the need for her gifts and talents to be experienced beyond the four walls of a church building. With over nineteen years of experience, she noticed that her life’s purpose was also beyond the world of dance. From conference speaking worldwide and moving in the gift of healing and deliverance, to 2 LIVVV workshop/master class tours all across the United States to the heart of the country she calls "GODS LOVE" Gaborone, Botswana, to dance tours, Grammy Stages, creatively directing music videos for big names, to theatrical and voiceover roles, Reyna Joy Banks’ strengths, abilities and service to the public with joy and love have absolutely no limits.


She has shared stages and worked with legends such as Beyonce, Kanye West, MAJOR., Ne-Yo, Justin Bieber, Toni Braxton, Chaka Khan, Dietrick Haddon, Usher Raymond, Kierra Sheard, Michelle Williams and Travis Green.  She is humbled by the fact that she has been entrusted to work alongside these artists as they change the face of the music industry.

These amazing opportunities and experiences helped give Reyna Joy added confidence and inspiration to also take her place as a gatekeeper to the next wave of innovation in the arts and entertainment industry as a whole. Reyna Joy is known to move and lead with poise and grace. Her presence and ability to cultivate, connect, create, and catapult is what often sets her apart and places her amongst the elite. Reyna’s journey helped inspire the creation of the non-profit corporation, 2LIVVV Incorporated. 2LIVVV provides talented artists with housing, as well as other developmental programs to help cultivate their success in living their dreams and building their ultimate legacy.

With Reyna Joy Banks New App "ALL IN ONE APP, LLC" now available in all App Stores (All In One Entertainment) has broken the barriers for All Talent/Creatives/Artists, Agents, Record Labels and Production companies Across the world. You can book a job from anywhere across the world in the arts, entertainment, business industries rather in front of the camera or behind the camera, rather live productions, tours, shows, major corporations or small businesses, showcasing your work within our app, submitting yourself (or your talent if an agent) to all projects that match what their gifts are while productions and casting directors can upload all projects that need the talent that they have dreamed of rather


at a click of a button.



Residing in New York City by way of Downtown Los Angeles, CA, Reyna Joy is supported by a wonderful community of faith, friends, and family. Her complete mission seeks to empower every soul she comes in contact with to not merely exist, but 2LIVVV with purpose so everyone across can finally live their dreams juts has she has and still does everyday powerfully, authentically while changing lives globally.

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White Structure

Reyna Joy Ministries

For such a time as this, as the purest yes to God has been forming in my daily life. I am now birthing the new entity that is releasing God's sound of healing. 

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