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“What is keeping you from falling in lovewith you?”

You may not be able to answer this question just yet, but I challenge you to write it down in your journal, and when it comes to the appointed time . . . You will be able to answer this question and allow God to restore all that was lost so you can begin to love again, and most of all love you just the way you are!


The 30-Day Journey to Loving the Woman in Me is a day-by-day process to help you take the steps necessary to be released into loving you in the way that is needed in order to be free, healed, and able to love others all around you past your own understanding. Most of you are thinking, “I do love myself, I love me some me, I am all for me, and I take care of me!” I can go on and on about what you think loving yourself is . . . My question to you now is, “How do you know you truly, genuinely and whole heartedly love you?” Before you answer that question take a look back on your past seasons in life and even some of your current seasons in your life.


Step by step and day by day, I with God’s guidance will help you get to that place by taking you on a journey of understanding the truth of what it takes to truly and wholeheartedly loving you. You may not want to go to certain places emotionally, but if you really want a change to come, you have to go to some of the most uncomfortable, darkest places and moments that tainted your love for you, and the love that God is offering to you and allow God to shine his light on each wound and each scar so you can be wiped clean and set free to love and be loved for eternity.

The 30- Day Journey to Loving the Woman Me

  • You can write in your book during the Journaling sections or go grab a beautiful journal from any store near you to write your process in it as you take your personal "The 30-Day Journey To Loving The Woman IN Me" Process into your Promise Land. 


    P.s. I Love You Always... It's Your Time!!! 

    (Customized Love Journals Coming Soon)

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